Reliable Pest Control Services In Yorba Linda, California

The shore of Southern California is filled with beautiful vistas and charming suburban neighborhoods, including the peaceful cityscape of Yorba Linda, CA. As the crowning jewel of Orange County, residents of this area are committed to maintaining their way of life, even despite increasing pest activity.


Malang Pest Control has been a proud partner of Yorba Linda property owners since 2009, delivering quality pest services to hundreds of folks around the city. Call or submit a contact form online to learn more about how we can best serve you – no strings attached!

Home Pest Control In Yorba Linda CA

Every homeowner knows that pests are a very real threat in California, specifically around Yorba Linda. Increasingly warm temperatures, extremely mild winters, and high levels of humidity allow pests to thrive at all times of the year. Cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, and mosquitoes significantly endanger the happiness, health, and wealth of residents all over the city.  Leaning on decades of applied Integrated Pest Management, Malang Pest Control has everything you need to ensure the health and safety of your loved ones. We prevent pests by:

  • Providing inspections and free estimates to every homeowner
  • Offering both regular and specialty treatment services
  • Curating a 30-day pest-free guarantee

Call now to learn more about Malang Pest Control’s home pest control plans. 

Commercial Pest Control In Yorba Linda, CA

Pest infestations in commercial environments can be devastating to everyone involved. Customers will lose faith in your business’s safety and security and turn to competitors for their needs. Employees may feel uncomfortable working in a pest-infested environment and choose to leave for better career prospects somewhere else. Worst of all, bad reviews or poor experiences will deeply affect your reputation, and keep you from achieving both personal professional goals.

Malang Pest Control has been helping Yorba Linda, CA business owners stay safe, healthy, and insect-free for over a decade. Our wide bank of experience allows us to approach unique problems with unique angles, adjusting our plans to your preference. We are currently serving companies in a wide range of industries, from office buildings to restaurants to property management groups. With a commitment to removing any pests from your building, the team at Malang Pest Control will not stop until the job is done. Call us about your specific industry to schedule a commercial pest control plan with one of our trained technicians. 

The Best Way To Keep Fleas Off Your Dog In Yorba Linda, CA

Both indoor and outdoor dogs in Yorba Linda can suffer from the ill effects of flea activity. Infested pets may begin to show strange symptoms, including increased itching, alopecia (hair loss), restlessness, or even secondary infections. Fleas usually prefer to feed on pets rather than humans, but their activity can quickly spread to people if left unchecked. Flea bites were one of the biggest causes of the Black Plague, a deadly pandemic that destroyed roughly 30 – 60% of Europe’s population. There are several ways to combat an increasing prevalence of fleas around your property, including: 

  • Cutting grasses, trimming trees, and pruning bushes that may be creating shady harborage areas.
  • Reducing indoor humidity levels using a dehumidifier, set of desiccant bags, or professional treatments.
  • Treating your pet with veterinarian-approved flea and tick control. This can be delivered in the form of a flea collar, a skin-based product, or an oral consumable.

The above steps will work to reduce your exposure to flea activity and any resulting malaise. However, they may not always be enough. Keep fleas off your dog without lifting a finger by trusting professional flea & tick abatement services from Malang Pest Control.  

How You May Be Attracting Ants To Your Yorba Linda Property

Smaller pests like ants are much more difficult to treat than larger ones, especially thanks to their sneaky, often discreet behaviors. Ants are usually no more than 5/8 an inch at their largest (carpenter ants), and 0.063 inches long at their smallest (Pharaoh ants). A single ant does not pose much of a threat to the average household, but a colony or group of colonies certainly can and will. You may be unwittingly attracting these pests to your household by offering: 

  • A consistent food source in the form of crumbs, unsealed garbage bags, fresh compost piles, or unkempt food prep areas.
  • A regular water supply, either inside or outside the home. Puddles in the lawn, clogged primary drains or leaking pipes can produce plenty of water for tiny ants.
  • Continuous security from predators. Ants feel much safer while getting food from your home, more than they do scavenging around the lawn.

If any of these attractant factors are present around the home, mitigate them as much as possible. Still, need additional help? Call up the team at Malang Pest Control for a thorough ant control inspection right away. 

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