Reliable Pest Control Services In Westminster, California

Westminster is a city located in Orange County. To keep nuisance and dangerous pests away from your Westminster home or business, the professionals at Malang Pest Control offer top-of-the-line pest control solutions to protect your property from pests year-round. We rely on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to eliminate existing pest infestations and prevent new pests from invading in the future. Whether you’re looking for general pest control services or specific treatments, Malang Pest Control has what you need to keep common area pests away from your Westminster property. Reach out to our skilled pest technicians today for more information about our commercial and residential pest control options. 

Residential Pest Control In Westminster, California

Here in Westminster, pests are always active and searching for an opportunity to invade your home and gain access to food, water, and shelter. Despite all the effort you put into keeping your home pest-free, pests may still find a way to invade. To eliminate current pest problems and keep them away in the future, partner with the experienced pest professionals here at Malang Pest Control. We strive to deliver the most effective pest control services possible by combining Integrated Pest Management with low-impact, botanical, or organic brand-name products. We understand the importance of maintaining a pest-free environment, which is why we are dedicated to protecting Westminster homes and families from pests throughout the entire year. Don’t wait for pests to invade your residential property and take away your peace of mind. Instead, get in touch with Malang Pest Control today for complete pest control services you can rely on!

Commercial Pest Control In Westminster, California

As a business owner, reputation is the deciding factor on whether or not your commercial establishment will be a success. If you provide excellent products and services, you probably have a satisfied customer base and a great reputation. Unfortunately, a pest infestation can harm your reputation and cause a significant loss of revenue. Pests spread a wide variety of harmful bacteria, damage property, disturb customers, distract employees, and create an unwelcome environment in your commercial facility. The best way to combat pest problems is with effective commercial pest control services from Malang Pest Control. We’ll work with you to identify current pest problems and develop a plan of action to get rid of them. Whether you own a warehouse, restaurant, school, apartment complex, or other business, our pest technicians have what it takes to keep it free of pests all year long. Contact Malang Pest Control today to learn more about how we identify, eliminate, and prevent commercial pest infestations. 

Why Do Silverfish Invade Westminster, California Homes?

Silverfish are small, tear-shaped insects with slender bodies and a silvery appearance. If silverfish are invading your Westminster home, here are a few of the factors that might make your property appealing to them:

  • Silverfish invade homes to gain access to shelter. These creepy pests will sneak into your property through the smallest of cracks and crevices in your exterior walls.
  • Once inside, silverfish may not want to leave. If silverfish find a source of food and moisture, they’ll have no problem sticking around.
  • Silverfish often move indoors when outdoor conditions are unfavorable. In our hot climate, many silverfish invade homes seeking moisture.

At Malang Pest Control, we provide home pest control services designed to combat all kinds of pests, including silverfish. Reach out to us today to learn how we protect homes from pests!

Guide To Preventing Bed Bugs In Westminster, California

“Sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Everyone has heard this old nursery rhyme, but few people understand how common bed bug infestations are. Over the past few decades, bed bugs have become a massive problem for property owners across the United States. These irritating insects are hitchhiking pests, which means they travel from one area to another by hitching rides on your clothing, bags, and belongings. Avoid bringing these unwanted pests into your Westminster home or business by following the simple bed bug prevention tips below:

  • Keep your belongings away from other peoples’ belongings.

  • Never bring used furniture into your property without inspecting it for bed bugs.

  • Always check your hotel or motel room for signs of bed bug activity and ask to be moved to a different room if any signs are present.

  • When traveling, store your clothing in airtight bags to prevent bed bugs from crawling into your belongings and hitching a ride home with you.

  • Vacuum your carpets and rugs regularly.

  • Keep an eye out for signs of bed bugs, such as bloodstains, spots of excrement, and tiny white eggshell.

  • Never set down your belongings on the floors of public spaces, such as movie theatres, buses, malls, and airports.

The most effective way to deal with a bed bug infestation is with professional bed bug treatments from Malang Pest Control. Give us a call today to get started!

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