Have Rodents Moved Into Your Orange County, CA Home?

Rodents are a major problem for homeowners in Irvine and the surrounding areas. These pests may be small compared to other mammals, but they are extremely dangerous and destructive when they get into houses.


One of the problems they cause is the spread of dangerous illnesses. Rodents contaminate surfaces in a variety of ways, including with their urine and feces and through direct contact. They are responsible for causing homeowners to become sick with a number of serious illnesses such as salmonellosis, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and more. Additionally, rodents introduce parasites, including fleas, mites, and ticks, into your home, causing other serious illnesses.


Besides the health threats that rodents cause, they are also responsible for serious damage to the homes they infest. They damage the areas where they nest with their urine and feces. Their need to constantly chew leads to damaged walls, insulation, wiring, pipe and ductwork, and belongings. Depending on the type of damage they cause, they can put your home at risk of water damage, mold, fires, and more.

Our Rodent Control Offerings

Because rodents are social creatures, they won’t live by themselves. If you find a rodent in your Irvine house, you can be certain that there are others hidden away somewhere. Fully eliminating a rodent infestation requires the skilled care of a knowledgeable pest control company. Malang Pest Control has over 20 years of experience removing rodent infestations.


Free Inspection


Your service begins with a free inspection. We’ll look around your home to determine what type of rodent has gotten inside, where they are nesting, and how they’re getting in. This inspection provides us with the information we need to effectively treat your rodent problem.


Malang Pest Control offers several treatment methods and options for rodent control based on your needs.

  • Rodent control boxes: We place rodent control boxes around the exterior of your house. These boxes are pet-resistant and child-resistant and will keep the rodent population around your property low or absent. The fewer the rodents on your property, the less likely you’ll have rodents trying to get into your house.
  • Snap traps & glue trays: For the rodents inside your house, we use snap traps and glue trays to eliminate them. We’ll set these up in locations that are out of reach of children and pets. We’ll set up a schedule to check them based on the results of their use.
  • Rodent removal & sanitation: Once your rodent problem is taken care of, it’s important to clean and sanitize the areas where they spent their time. If left untouched, these areas can cause health problems. Malang Pest Control provides a sanitation service that includes a thorough vacuuming and sanitizing of the affected areas.
  • Exclusion: An important part of preventing future rodent infestations is making sure that they can’t get back into your house. In order to do this, you must seal up the entry points they were using to get inside. Malang Pest Control provides ground-level exclusion work to seal entry points. This work comes with a six-month warranty.

Guaranteed Results To Eliminate Your Orange County Rodent Infestation

Malang Pest Control stands behind our work. If you use our rodent control services, you can have the confidence of being backed by our rodent-free warranty. Our one-time services include a 30-day warranty. Recurring services include free re-treatments in between scheduled service visits. If you have reason to believe that rodents have gotten into your home, contact Malang Pest Control right away.

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