How Dangerous Is It To Have Rodents In My Irvine Home?

15 / Dec / 2020

The Real Destructive Power Of A Rodent’s Bite

A mouse or rat’s overgrown incisors are perhaps their most defining feature, but they are certainly not just for show! In fact, these teeth can even be dangerous to the rodent itself. A rodent’s teeth don’t stop growing over time, so if left unchecked, they may grow so long they pierce the rodent’s skin and eventually kill them. It should come as no surprise, then, that a rodent’s teeth have an exceptional bite force ratio, allowing them to chew through an extensive array of food and other materials. Sure, one single bite may not be able to chisel holes in lead, but that doesn’t mean lead is off the menu for good. Rodents are creatures who like to nibble excessively, and if left alone to chomp away, they can penetrate clothing fabrics, wiring, wood, bricks, concrete cinder blocks, aluminum, piping and yes, even lead. 

Rodents And The Health Hazards They Can Present

The hazardous potential of rodents don’t stop at their teeth; it extends through their intestinal tract and out the other end. That’s right, the droppings of a rodent are disgusting for many of the same reasons as any other creature’s, and some additional reasons as well. Some humans can be allergic to rodents, their feces, and their urine, so being too close may trigger sneezing, rashes, sores, and swelling. Moreover, a furry pest’s droppings can serve as central areas for viral transmission. Just like fleas, ticks, and other parasitic pests, rats and mice are carriers for disease, including: rat-bite fever, typhoid fever, salmonellosis, plague, Lassa fever, tularemia, and food poisoning. On top of this, rodents are known to carry fleas and ticks of their own, which mean layers upon layers of additional potential illnesses and health risks.

The safest, most effective way to deal with rodent infestations is not to try to end them by yourself. Call in the experts! For specialized rodent prevention and pest treatment strategies you can rely on, you don’t need to wait. Reach out to Malang Pest Control, and know your rodent problems are about to be history.

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