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29 / Sep / 2021

Mice have existed since the dawn of time. No one is said to be further away from mice at any given time. I’m not sure if that’s accurate, but there are a lot of mice.


Mice are not your typical “basic” pet; they are very sophisticated creatures. This is backed by the fact that they are accustomed to smelling out food, are excellent problem solvers, and can navigate mazes.


Mice can quickly become a severe problem because they proliferate and reproduce quickly where there is free food, such as bird seeds. Did you know that in a single year, a pair can produce over a hundred offspring? If you have a lot of mice, they’ll soon contaminate your structure because they can get through the lining materials on the walls and create nests there. They can also locate a spot to build their nests on the ground, and if this happens, it will be extremely difficult to eradicate them using poisons or trapping methods, and their birds may be wounded as a result.




Many human diseases can be transmitted by mice. The Orthohantavirus is the a well-known and dangerous of the disease carried by mice. In Orange County, there hasn’t been a plague epidemic in a long time. If the mice population gets out of control, the chance of epidemics increases.  



Tips On How to control the spread of Mice in Orange County


  • – Look for mouse holes in the cabinets (even the upper ones).
  • – Place all grains, flour, and other goods in glass jars or cans that are well sealed (yes, even if they are in closed cupboards – you never know).
  • – Keep all food in airtight containers on the counter, and any fruit in a bowl with a metal lid.
  • – Before going to bed, make sure your dishes are washed or at least thoroughly washed.  For a mouse, all of the food left on plates is a gourmet meal.
  • – Vacuum and clean as much as possible! After a meal, check the seats and the floor for crumbs if you have youngsters (or a messy spouse).


The best way to prevent mice is by using the service of an expert in Orange county!


Pest management is still practiced by farmers and homeowners today.


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