Reliable Pest Control Services In Garden Grove, California

Garden Grove is a city located in northern Orange County and only about 34 miles away from the city of Los Angeles. To keep your Garden Grove home or business free of the many pests that also live in our area, don’t hesitate to partner with the experienced pest professionals here at Malang Pest Control. At Malang, we’ve made it our commitment to provide pest-free environments by utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and low-impact, botanical, organic brand-name products.

Our goal is to provide effective residential and commercial pest control solutions that will resolve common pest problems and improve your quality of life in doing so. If you’re ready to say goodbye to cockroaches in your kitchen or bed bugs in your bedroom, the professionals at Malang Pest Control have you covered. Give us a call to get started today!

Home Pest Control In Garden Grove, CA

No homeowner should have to worry about pests damaging their property or harming their family. Unfortunately, many pests live here in Garden Grove and have no problem getting into residential properties.

The best way to protect your home and family from the many problems pests cause is to work with Malang Pest Control to implement an ongoing home pest control plan.

Our home pest control services start with a detailed inspection of your property to determine possible entry points, current pest threats, and conducive conditions that could lead to a pest infestation.

At Malang, we tailor our residential pest control plans to meet the individual needs of your home and pest situation. Protect your Garden Grove property from dangerous pests by partnering with the professionals here at Malang Pest Control!

Commercial Pest Control In Garden Grove, CA

When you own a business, it’s your goal to ensure that your customers are satisfied. But when pests manage to invade your Garden Grove commercial facility, they get in the way of your ability to accomplish that goal. Even a single pest sighting in your business could lead to a bad reputation and a windstorm of negative publicity. To keep pests away from your Garden Grove business and protect your customers from the problems they cause, you need professional commercial pest control services from Malang Pest Control.

The professionals here at Malang Pest Control have what it takes to apply effective pest treatments within a wide variety of industries, including office buildings, restaurants, schools, warehouses, healthcare facilities, and other businesses. Don’t allow pests to threaten the success of your Garden Grove business. Instead, get in touch with Malang Pest Control today for high-quality commercial pest control services that will protect your business from pests year-round. 

Problems Cockroaches Cause In Garden Grove, CA

Cockroaches are common pests that invade Garden Grove properties while searching for sources of food, water, and shelter. Cockroaches have a fast reproduction rate, which means they can take over your property within a few months if they’re not discovered and dealt with right away. If you’ve ever spotted a cockroach crawling across your kitchen floor in broad daylight, it’s a sure sign that many more are hiding within your walls.

Cockroach infestations lead to many serious problems, including:

  • Disease – Cockroaches are known for spreading diseases such as salmonellosis, dysentery, typhoid fever, and cholera. 

  • Contamination – Cockroaches eat a lot of filthy materials and pick up a wide range of bacteria on their bodies, spreading harmful bacteria all over your food items and counter surfaces. 

  • Allergic reactions and asthma attacks – Cockroach saliva, feces, and body parts are known to cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks in some individuals.

Without the right protection, cockroaches can cause several serious problems. If cockroaches are living in your Garden Grove property, your best option is to contact the skilled pest professionals here at Malang Pest Control. We have the tools, products, and experience necessary to eliminate all kinds of pests, including cockroaches. Reach out to us today to learn more about our cockroach control process.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips Everyone In Garden Grove, CA Ought To Know

Bed bugs are irritating pests that feed on the blood of humans. These small, apple seed-shaped insects get around by hitching rides on the bags, clothing, and belongings of unknowing individuals to infest any building they end up in.

To avoid bringing bed bugs into your Garden Grove home or business, keep the following bed bug prevention tips in mind:

  • Always inspect your hotel room for signs of bed bug activity before deciding to stay the night.

  • Avoid bringing used or secondhand furniture into your home or business.

  • Seal your clothing in airtight bags when you travel.

  • Vacuum your floors and carpets regularly.

  • Never set down your belongings on the floors of public locations, such as libraries, airports, malls, movie theatres, and office spaces.

The best way to remove a bed bug infestation is with a little help from Malang Pest Control. Contact us today to ask about all of our bed bug control options.

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