The Secret To Effective Flea & Tick Control For Irvine Properties

14 / May / 2021

Fleas and ticks are bothersome parasites capable of spreading dangerous diseases among the many hosts they feed on. Both pests will bite humans, domestic animals, and wild animals. The mild climate of Southern California accommodates these pests outdoors, and they will also travel indoors to homes and businesses and become very difficult to eradicate.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are tiny wingless insects that use their powerful back legs to jump upon a host. The most prevalent in this region is the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis).  Fleas mature through distinct phases as eggs, larvae, and pupae before reaching adulthood. When indoors, eggs often exist in carpeting and furniture and become adults that prefer to live near pets over time. 

Understanding Ticks

Ticks are wingless arachnids (not insects) with eight legs that generally pose a greater health risk than fleas. The most common in this area include the American dog tick, Rocky Mountain tick, the western black-legged tick, and others. Removing a tick from the skin must be done with tweezers, and somebody should promptly disinfect the skin. 

How Dangerous Are Fleas And Ticks?

Both fleas and ticks are potentially harmful to people and their pets. Victims exposed to fleas may excessively scratch themselves and potentially develop rashes or sores that could become infected. Fleas are also known to spread tapeworms, Bartonella, and other problems. Ticks spread harmful pathogens, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and more. 

Best Practices For Preventing Fleas And Ticks

  • Pets should be on a regular flea and tick prevention plan implemented by a licensed veterinarian. Treatment options have continued to evolve and now are highly-effective and relatively safe. Regularly wash the bedding materials used by any pets.

  • People engaged in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or gardening are encouraged to wear full-length clothing that limits these pests’ ability to have direct access to your skin.

  • Keep the exterior of your property well maintained by cutting the grass regularly, trimming back shrubs and bushes, and removing piles of leaves and other clutter and debris.

  • Create barriers to your property or a leash to prevent pets from wandering into areas with significant debris or vegetation. Fences and other obstacles also may deter deer and other animals from entering the premises.

  • The CDC and other public health agencies recommend applying permethrin to gear, equipment, boots, and clothing. Repellants that may be safely applied to the skin include IR3535 and DEET.

Promptly Contacting A Pest Control Professional

Once fleas and ticks invade properties, the problem tends to worsen rapidly. Store-bought do-it-yourself treatments have traditionally been insufficient for completely solving these problems and may contain harmful chemicals to humans, pets, and our local environment. Having a licensed exterminator conduct an onsite inspection is strongly recommended, as they will have the tools and knowledge needed to efficiently and safely expel these unwanted pests from the premises. 

Leading Pest Control Company In Irvine

For more than a decade, the team of seasoned technicians at Malang Pest Control has been resolving home and business owners’ problems in this region. In addition to fleas and ticks, our qualified experts will eliminate intrusions involving ants, rodents, bed bugs, and a host of other bothersome and potentially dangerous creatures. 

As a family-owned and operated organization, we recognize the importance of operating safely. We adhere to the best industry practices by employing an integrated approach that is safe for humans, pets and protects our eco-system. We look forward to speaking with you today regarding an inspection and no-obligation estimate. 

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